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Rain wreaks havoc on the schedule and the brain

As we drove to trunk-or-treat at my daughters’ school, we passed a house festively decorated with multi-colored lights and a red-and-green light-up candle in the window. 

Those were Christmas lights, weren’t they?” I groaned. 

Even better – two houses down was decorated with orange and purple lights and a definite Halloween theme. 

While we can argue about the appropriate time to put up Christmas decorations, I think this moment summarizes my entire fall. It should be noted that, thanks to a very rainy Oct. 29, this trunk-or-treat was being held just this past Friday, Nov. 5, as in… after Halloween. And reschedules have been the norm all fall. 

I’m admittedly new to the soccer-mom gig, but I’ve been around collegiate athletics for, ahem, a few years, and spring is usually the season of weather-related postponements (I could tell you a fun story about a very cold Easter Monday baseball TRIPLE header I once had to work). Both girls were playing elementary soccer on Saturdays, with practices on Tuesdays, and I don’t think we played but half the schedule on the regularly-scheduled days thanks mostly to rain.  

Sophie even played a game in which her team loaned” players to their opponent because it was raining right before the game and most of the opposing players didn’t show up. Rather than accept a forfeit and just go home, the coaches decided to play the game for fun, and Sophie and her teammates took turns filling out the other team’s roster. It was a nice lesson in sportsmanship, but quite honestly, the kids had already dealt with a few postponements due to rain and just wanted to play! 

I don’t think the craziness has really affected the girls, but let me tell you, my brain is fried. I know, I’ve already told you all that, but lately I’m not sure whether I’m coming or going. Last week, we had three days of early dismissals for parent-teacher conferences, so when we had to go in to school for ours’, I asked my parents if they’d watch the girls. Except I told them it was on Wednesday, not Thursday, because somehow my brain insisted that Nov. 4 was Thursday. Luckily, I caught the error in time, but I had to show them the entry in my phone calendar to verify I wasn’t crazy. 

Look, I usually have my days planned out in my head, even if I don’t tell everyone the details of that plan every second. So all of this rescheduling has really taken a toll. 

But you know what? It’s not just me. I’ve been helping out with some of the other sports at Mont Alto, and maybe it’s dumb luck on my part, but every event I’ve been to has started late – two of them because teams didn’t arrive on time (and I mean REALLY not on time), but there was also the golf tournament that started late because a team showed up unexpectedly and Coach had to rework the order of play to fit them in. Of course, the other two games that started late were on Saturdays, so that totally threw off my schedule for getting the girls to their soccer games. 

Soccer season just ended Saturday, but there’s no rest for the weary – my cheerleading squad’s first basketball game is tonight. The opponent is from just across town, so I’m pretty sure they should get there on time. 

And it’s indoors, so we don’t have to worry about rain… right? 

Is it the moon? Mercury in retrograde? Are you dealing with scheduling insanity? Let me know how you’re coping at [email protected], or find me on social media.  

Jen Deinlein
Jen Deinlein is a self-professed “Jen of all trades and master of none.” She’s a SAHM to 8- and 5-year-old daughters, a freelance writer (you can also see her work in CPBJ) and head cheerleading coach at Penn State Mont Alto. She and her family live in Guilford Township, Franklin County, with a golf course in the backyard where they frequently rescue lost golf balls. You can reach Jen on Instagram: @groovypq; Twitter: @jlbd77 or by email: [email protected].

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