Q&A: A Chat with a midstate professional

Managing principal of RGS Associate

Central Penn Business Journal: What trends most affect your

Eidemiller: On the staffing side, it’s the nationwide
shortage of landscape architects and civil engineers. We have a very aggressive
recruiting and retention strategy. In the residential market, we’ve seen a
slowdown. There are more opportunities in senior housing.

CPBJ: What are the biggest misconceptions about your

Eidemiller: Many people perceive landscape architects as
only doing planting designs. But there are many other design elements.

CPBJ: What are your best management tips?

Eidemiller: Stay connected with people within your
organization; you can never communicate enough. And set people up to succeed,
not fail.

CPBJ: What are your best customer-service tips?

Eidemiller: Always anticipate and be proactive for the

CPBJ: What should potential clients seek in landscape

Eidemiller: (Potential clients) should look at landscape
architects’ portfolios and make sure they’re looking for a landscape architect
with a history and a skill set for their project. (Potential clients) should
make sure they have appropriate people to represent their projects publicly
(during municipal approval processes).

CPBJ: What are the biggest challenges for your business?

Eidemiller: Recruiting and retention. It’s an industrywide

CPBJ: What’s your company’s key to success?

Eidemiller: We put our staff first. We believe that by
taking care of our employees, we will take care of our clients.

CPBJ: Which candidate in the upcoming presidential election
do you think would best support business?

Eidemiller: I’m a Republican. I support (John) McCain. I
think he has the background and leadership to continue to support businesses.

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