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Powerbook 2014: Prioritizing family, health and business fuels success for Meyers and La Torre

Prioritizing family, health and business fuels success for Meyers and La Torre

David La Torre, left, owns La Torre Communications, a public-relations and public-affairs firm, and Jessica Meyers is owner and president of construction-services business JEM Group LLC. The couple is part of a group of investors in Cork & Fork, a new restaurant that is adjacent to their offices on Second Street in Harrisburg. - (Photo / Amy Spangler)

After a combined 20 years as business owners, it still comes down to a simple question at 4:45 a.m.: “Who’s working out first?”

For Harrisburg business owners Jessica Meyers and Dave La Torre, a morning run or CrossFit workout is a key component to success.

Family and health are always top of mind. That’s ultimately what breeds professional gains, they say.

“You have to have a road map. Having that order in my life makes me a better business owner,” said Meyers, who founded JEM Group LLC, a construction services firm, in 2003. “Results don’t just happen.”

La Torre, owner of La Torre Communications since 2005, credits his wife of six years with sharpening his focus and keeping him on task. Sunday is their day to “divide and conquer” — figure out who is dropping off and picking up their children, ages 15 and 3, and what events are on the schedule for the week.

“She is constantly on her game. There is not an off day for Jessica,” he said.

But he, too, is quick to shift his focus to meet client needs. She credits him with being more hands-on, where she is surrounded by a team of 25 who have specific roles to execute her vision.

His story


La Torre was president of Harrisburg Young Professionals in 2005. He recruited his future wife to take on the role, which she did in 2007. They were married in 2008.

But the story of what led them down this road goes back much further.

He had dreams of being the next great sports columnist. She had plans to go to Princeton University and become a lawyer.

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