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Covid-19 emphasizes need for healthy buildings

The healthy building movement has changed the way buildings are evaluated, but the coronavirus pandemic is changing it even more. Sometime in the next couple months or possibly longer, people will be returning to their office buildings and other indoor places and that brings new concerns about health safety and sanitizing.

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Post-pandemic strategies for the road ahead

Crisis planning, innovating and adapting, agile marketing, expressing gratitude — these are all important business practices universally, without exception. Looking toward the post-pandemic road ahead gives us reason to pause and make sure these practices are front and center.

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Four tips to help your business survive COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus has changed the business landscape seemingly overnight. There is no doubt that many businesses are not going to survive an extended shutdown of the economy, but Richard Randall believes there are steps leaders can take to give their businesses the best chance of making it.

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