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How fear is paralyzing personal growth

Change is scary. I don’t think many would argue this. The very nature of transition evokes a lack of control, which, ironically, incites our personal desire to hold tighter to those things we know and resist the things we can’t predict. Why is this ironic? Let me explain. For the first few years of our ...

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Ok, your workplace is diverse, but are you inclusive?

Many of our Central PA businesses can point to their diverse hiring initiatives or how they provide regular diversity training to their employees, however, I think about a compelling question that a good friend of mine, Romeo Azondekon, vice president of Student Services at Central Penn College, once asked me: “Who are in your small rooms?”

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Helping veteran employees adapt to change

Question:  My company has grown significantly over the past two years. We have more than doubled our size. I have a real issue I hope you can help me with. Many individuals have been with the company for 10, 15 or even 20 years.  They are resistant to change and, at times, undermine our ability to scale. How should I deal fairly with these veteran employees?

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The Gig economy is up

The GIG is up (access required)

Whether from desire or necessity, gig workers, those defined as independent contractors, freelancers or part-time jobbers, continue to fill gaps or take ongoing work to meet employer’s needs in an evolving workforce landscape.

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Why apprenticeships are the future of our economy (access required)

Not all successful careers start with a college degree. I understand it may seem strange for a community college president to say that a college degree is not necessary to have a career that earns a family-sustaining wage. At HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, this philosophy is reflected through our new purpose statement: Learning for ...

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Hit the pause button: Mindfulness for the workplace (access required)

Stressed employees are less productive employees. Research shows that workers under significant stress are more likely to take time off, get sick, or even quit. What can employers do to protect their employees from the effects of stress at work? According to Carolyn Lamparella, licensed professional counselor and program director for Preferred EAP with Lehigh ...

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