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Masks mean business, please support us and wear one

The greatest asset of any business is its people — customers and employees. Protecting both by wearing a mask while out in public is an easy way that we can support York County’s business community through the COVID-19 pandemic. York County’s businesses are reopening, but, like everywhere, we have not yet fully recovered from the ...

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Business has role to play in ending racism

Business leaders can help if they’re willing, providing financial support, job training, jobs and service to local communities. How can your business walk the talk and collaborate with other community organizations? The right activity can lead to real progress. 

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Transforming existing office space is a good idea. Here’s why

An office environment can have a significant impact on a company’s productivity, morale, and ability to attract and retain talent. Creating hip and stylish office space may be the aspiration of many companies, but how do business owners get there? Often, the answer isn’t a brand new space, requiring a time-consuming and expensive move, but ...

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