5 ways to make employees feel appreciated

Nothing boosts an employee’s confidence faster than the feeling of being appreciated. People generally begin a new position full of high hopes of excelling and making their mark in their new role. They want to fit in and impress their leaders and peers. As time goes on, if there is no feedback from either, they can start to wonder if they are doing well. 

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A conversation with: Jason Blase

CPBJ sat down with Jason Blase, president of Hanover-based Canewago Manufacturing, about the importance of being part of different trade associations, how he channels his experience to lead the company, and the Super Bowl.

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How fear is paralyzing personal growth

Change is scary. I don’t think many would argue this. The very nature of transition evokes a lack of control, which, ironically, incites our personal desire to hold tighter to those things we know and resist the things we can’t predict. Why is this ironic? Let me explain. For the first few years of our ...

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