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Patricia Fonzi

Patricia Fonzi

President & CEO

Family Health Council of Central PA

Fonzi is responsible for the strategic direction, project development, funding strategies, financial and operational administration of the organization, with the goal of ensuring the overall success of the organization and the success of its dedicated staff.

She has served for six years in her current position, but Fonzi will celebrate her 25th anniversary with Family Health Council of Central PA in January 2022.

Over the last six years FHCCP has grown its organizational budget significantly, diversified and expanded our funding and program portfolio, and expanded access to a wide array of safety-net services for low-income individuals and families. “All of this was accomplished during extremely turbulent and uncertain times for our network of providers and our clients,” Fonzi said.

She said her most important life lesson is that change is our only true constant—and that leaning into and embracing change makes you a better leader.

Fonzi loves to travel a little off the beaten path whenever possible—especially if it involves street food, hidden beaches, hiking to magnificent vistas or swimming in a lake with her dogs. “Most recently my spouse and I have rescued a deaf cocker spaniel puppy-mill rescue so we have begun training and socializing him– which has been not only a great learning experience, but also so much fun,” she said.

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