Online skin care company to open retail store in Camp Hill

Cris Collingwood//June 5, 2023

Kymani Ashanti, owner The Ashanti Collection, is opening a store in Camp Hill June 17 - PHOTO/PROVIDED

Online skin care company to open retail store in Camp Hill

Cris Collingwood//June 5, 2023

A skin care company with a twist on presentation is opening a retail store in Camp Hill on June 17. 

Kymani Ashanti, owner of The Ashanti Collection, will open what she calls the first ever “Skincare Bakery”, at 3441 Simpson Ferry Road.  

“We are revolutionizing skincare with our mouth-watering skincare goodies,” she said  

Products include body butters, body frostings, sugary sugar scrubs, and more. 

“What better way than to encapsulate our viral products, than to create an entire bakery! Skincare bakery that is,” Ashanti said. 

Ashanti, 23, and her boyfriend, Logan Sidesinger, started the Ashanti Collection in 2019, in Ashanti’s parent’s home.  

“We went viral for our body butters (which is our buttery-rich creamy moisturizer), which we make multi-colored and hand-pipe into jars. Ever since then, we’ve accumulated a combined social media following of more than 750,000,” she said.   

Ashanti Collection that makes skin care look like bakery products – PHOTO/PROVIDED –

“As we progressively increased the creativity of our skincare products. For example, we’ve created body butter pies piped to look like an actual pie, Fudge Brownie drizzled with “fudge”, Strawberry Shortcake topped with a “whipped cream icing” and strawberry embed, and more unique, quality products.” 

Ashanti said the idea for the Skincare Bakery was solidified in 2021, after her followers online joked about wanting to eat the products because of how good, they smelled and looked.  

The couple acquired a 3,200-square-foot retail space to manufacture the butters. Ashanti said through social media, they have sold more than 60,000 body butters and from an initial $600 investment, they have reached almost $1 million in sales.