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With new online games, Pa. Lottery reports record fiscal year

With additions such as online games, the Pennsylvania Lottery is reporting a record year for sales and profits.

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Drew Svitko, executive director of the Pennsylvania Lottery, said it sold more than $4.5 billion in games for fiscal 2018-2019. It also generated a record profit of more than $1.14 billion, which goes towards programs benefiting older Pennsylvanians.

Svitko said it is the eighth consecutive year that the Lottery has had more than $1 billion in profits.

More than $2.9 billion in prizes were distributed to winners, which Svitko said was also a record.

The new lottery offerings did contribute to sales.

Svitko said the Lottery’s modernization efforts, including PA iLottery and its monitor games, Keno and Xpress Sports, generated more than $40 million in profits in their first full fiscal year.

“We are thrilled that the new and exciting games that were authorized by Act 42 of 2017 are proving to be a tremendous success,” he said.

PA iLottery, online games played on a computer, tablet or mobile device, saw more than $381 million in play in its first full fiscal year, generating an estimated $31.3 million in profit.

More than 91,100 players created online accounts during the fiscal year.

Monitor games such as Keno and Xpress Sports games, which are displayed in such areas as bars and lottery retailers, brought in an estimated $46.7 million in their first full fiscal year, and generated around $10 million in profit.

Of course traditional lottery games such as scratch off tickets and draw games also did well.

Svitko reported that sales of Scratch-Off games totaled a record of more than $2.9 billion, up by $165.5 million, or 5.9 percent, from the previous year. Scratch-off games account for more than 66 percent of total sales.

Svitko said sales of Draw Games such as Cash 5, Match 6 and Powerball totaled close to $1.4 billion for the fiscal year, up $109.4 million, or 8.7 percent, from the previous year’s total.

There were more than 9,700 licensed Lottery retailers statewide during the fiscal year, many of them small and family-owned businesses.

They earned an estimated $266 million in sales commissions, an increase of more than $41.8 million from the prior fiscal year, 2017-18.

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