New Life Changes Realty Group owner passionate about giving back

Cris Collingwood//March 9, 2023

New Life Changes Realty Group owner passionate about giving back

Cris Collingwood//March 9, 2023

The new owner of Life Changes Realty Group has set her sights on donating $1 million to charity. 

Brittany Garner, who bought Life Changes on Jan. 1 and became broker of record Feb. 10, said she plans to continue the firm’s commitment to donate 10% of commissions to a charity the client chooses. 

“I’m passionate about helping people,” she said. 

Brittany Garner

To date, the 12-year-old “boutique” company has donated close to $750,000, Garner said. 

“It is always so impactful to learn about the causes of our clients, why they want us to donate to certain organizations on their behalf,” said Garner. “The home buying and selling process is a huge life change. We’re walking side-by-side with people during a big moment in their lives, so getting to know people on a deeper level really matters.” 

Garner said donating is not a mandatory requirement for the agents.  

“A lot of people come to us because of our Pay it Forward program and our motto: ‘Open Hearts, Open Doors, Welcome Home’,” she said.  

Naomi Fredlund, founder of Life Changes, who will remain with the company, felt it was time to focus more on family and sold the firm to Garner. 

 “I’ve learned everything about owning a business from Naomi,” said Garner, 32, who credits everything she knows about selling real estate to Tracy Seiger, Life Choices top seller and Garner’s first team lead. 

“I would not be here without either one of them or our entire team.”  

Life Changes Realty Group has a main office in Lancaster, a branch office in Elizabethtown, and is looking to expand to the West Shore.  The group serves all of Lancaster and surrounding counties including Berks, Cumberland, Dauphin and York.  

Before she turned 30, Garner was beginning to study for her Brokerage License, preparing for the next steps of her career, and now at 32, takes the reigns of a company that has helped buy and sell more than 1,811 homes over the course of almost 12 years and donated to nearly 500 charities.  

With 12 Realtors on the team, Garner hopes to grow that number to include even more people who are passionate about the profession, but also giving back to their community. 

 “You can walk into a company with 100 agents, but in our small company, I know I would hand off my own parents to any one of the Realtors in our group, and they’d get the exact same service and experience,” she said,  

“We’re a little boutique company that trains our agents through mentorship. And Life Changes doesn’t exist without all of us.”