New events venue added to Red Caboose property in Lancaster County

Cris Collingwood//September 19, 2023

The Barn at Paradise Station - PHOTO/PROVIDED

New events venue added to Red Caboose property in Lancaster County

Cris Collingwood//September 19, 2023

The Red Caboose property in Ronks, Lancaster County, has a new venue. 

The Barn at Paradise Station opens this weekend after a freak storm called a microburst took down the original 19th century barn on the 10-acre destination site in 2018. 

Owned by Todd and Debbie Prickett, and their son Tyler and his wife Kat, The Barn at Paradise Station is an event venue for weddings, corporate meetings and family gatherings. 

“When we purchased the Red Caboose property in February of 2016, we saw the old barn on the site as a blank canvas, and it was a project that we knew we wanted to make into an event space where people could create new memories – whether it was getting married, having a special celebration, or attending live entertainment or corporate training, we wanted it to be a part of people’s story and for it to be a space that they can make lifelong memories in,” said Tyler Prickett. 

 “We first set eyes on the property in 2015, and what came with it was this junk barn. The bottom level was where they kept the horses for buggy rides, and the patio area was just a mud pit of broken-up cement, mud, and manure. And the entire building had been covered with a white vinyl siding,” Kate Prickett said.  

“When I saw the stage, I could suddenly envision doing something unique with the space. So, we spent a few years cleaning up the barn, and in the summer of 2017, we began holding shows and movie nights. It became the community space I hoped it would,” she added.  

After being destroyed by the storm, the family employed Amish carpenters to preserve the hand-hewn original timer frame construction and indoor beams. Masons worked with the existing brick and stone to restore the exterior. 

While maintaining the historic skin of the barn, the family installed modern amenities including an HVAC system that warms the floors and maintains constant temperature throughout the space. 

Stray Production Services installed the lighting and Clair Brothers created the sound system, the Prickett family said.