New alliance works to secure health care supply chain in Pennsylvania

Cris Collingwood//October 25, 2022

New alliance works to secure health care supply chain in Pennsylvania

Cris Collingwood//October 25, 2022

A newly formed alliance brought health care and provider industries together in Harrisburg Tuesday to ensure health care products and equipment are available when needed. 

Andy Pickett

The Pennsylvania Healthcare Supply Chain Leadership Alliance (PA-HSCLA) brought manufacturers, researchers, distributors, and healthcare providers together to begin conversations to bolster supply chain integration and open lines of communication among supply chain allies and government entities responsible for protecting the health care needs of Pennsylvanians. 

“As we have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical that we have a strong and resilient health care supply chain to ensure that providers and their patients have access to the supplies, medications and resources they need,” said Andy Pickett, director of Emergency Preparedness and Response, Department of Health. 

 “Communication, education, and collaboration across our healthcare sector and with our health care coalitions will only help to improve access to routine and emergency care,” Pickett said. “I applaud the Pennsylvania health care community for coming together on this issue, and I look forward to working with the PA-HSCLA.” 

Victoria Elliott

The Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) was joined by the PA Pharmacists Association (PPA) and 16 other state organizations representing nurses, doctors, hospitals, health systems, manufacturers, and more. 

“Pharmacists are on the frontlines of patient care—not only administering critical vaccines and medications but building trust and relationships with the community,” said Victoria Elliott, pharmacist and CEO, Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association.  

“Our members have their fingers on the pulse of patient needs and offer valuable insights for the rest of the health care supply chain and the elected officials making policy decisions,” Elliott said. 

The PA-HSCLA will seek to preserve, protect, and strengthen the product distribution arm of the healthcare ecosystem throughout Pennsylvania by: 

  • Expanding the safety and security of the healthcare product supply chain;
  • Enhancing government and product supply chain collaboration through public-private partnerships;
  • Matthew DiLoreto

    Educating stakeholders on both individual and integrated product supply chain roles, including innovation and manufacturing, distribution efficiency, and delivery of care;

  • Opening lines of communication between manufacturers, healthcare distributors, pharmacies, first responders, and public agencies;
  • Improving logistical and administrative efficiencies, allowing providers to spend more time serving patients; and,
  • Realizing the positive economic impact and cost-savings efficiencies created by a strong, efficient product supply chain.

“As the logistics experts of the supply chain, healthcare distributors understand the importance of collaboration and communication,” said Matthew DiLoreto, senior vice president of State Government Affairs and Alliance Development, Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA).  

“The healthcare system is multifaceted, and the supply chain needs to securely and efficiently operate regardless of the challenge it encounters, whether navigating a natural disaster or a once-in-a-generation pandemic.” DiLoreto said. “Understanding the role of the health care supply chain has never been more prominent, and as a group, we are committed to providing accessible, equitable, and effective healthcare to the residents of Pennsylvania and across the U.S.”