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Why Mother’s Day can’t come too soon

If parents in the Midstate are anything like the rest of Americans, that magical moment when the kids slip downstairs to make breakfast can’t come a moment too soon.

A new study from Pampered Chef, the company that pioneered a party approach to selling kitchen tools, 65 percent of Americans say they’re spending more time in their kitchens than in years past.

The same amount say they also feel more overwhelmed, every day or at least once or twice a week, with everything they need to do. But at the same time, one in five say they will always make time to cook, come what may.

“Mealtime is that daily reminder of when expectations meet reality, and while the act of cooking is not the most challenging responsibility in our daily lives, we heard loud and clear that fitting it into our increasingly overwhelming schedules is a struggle,” said Terry Haley, chief marketing officer for Pampered Chef.

The company’s response: an Inspiration Hub at that brings together fresh ideas, recipes, timesaving tip, and product recommendations. Want to understand your cooking persona? Take Pampered Chef’s quiz at and find out if you’re an Explorer, a Helper, a Maker, a Strategist or a Warrior.

More findings:

While mealtime is shared, cooking is one person’s responsibility. Eight out of 10 households have a primary cook. Only 5 percent will pass the cooking responsibility to somebody else when they are feeling overwhelmed.

Cooking confidence is down. Despite one person carrying the majority of cooking duties at home, only about four in 10 (37%) said they feel comfortable and confident in their cooking abilities.

New and different or same old, same old? Over the last six months, 36% say they have been trying at least one new recipe each week and are loving it. But 64% are looking for meal hacks, reheating foods or ordering takeout.

How did we actually learn how to cook? Half of the respondents say a parent or someone else in their family taught them to cook, while 16% might just be winging it, claiming that no one taught them how to cook.

Something to thing about as your kids stream into the kitchen on Mother’s Day?

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