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Mommy Blogs

Tashia James: I want my son to be seen for his kind character

After a lifetime of forgetting to feed fish, failing to water plants, and returning infants their caretakers the moment they cried or soiled their diapers, I was positive motherhood was not going to be a part of my story.  The universe had a different plan for me at age of 24 when my son arrived ...

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Being Sober in A “Wine-Mom” Culture

There’s something about a drink that just feels right during certain situations: girls’ night out, an event, first dates, after a long day of work and parenting teens in the middle of a pandemic. It just FEELS right. It felt right. Until it didn’t anymore.  Now, I’ve been wanting to get sober for a long ...

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Jen Deinlein: Imperfect summer offers some perfect opportunities

My oldest daughter heads back to school next week, so in homage to those old first-day-of-school essays, my first Mommy Blog will be about what we did (or didn’t do) on our summer vacation. Disclaimer: Time has sort of melted for me during the pandemic, so we probably did some of these things in the ...

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Bitsy McCann

Bitsy McCann: We had no idea what we were missing

It is really awkward to be sitting here writing my first ever Mommy Blog. I’m not a writer by nature, and I certainly never thought I would one day be a mother. About 6, 7 or 8 years ago (I started to lose track of life events when I hit my early thirties), I had ...

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Introducing The Mommy Bloggers! (access required)

Introducing The Mommy Bloggers!  I’m really excited to be introducing you to our latest feature for Central Penn Parent: The Mommy Bloggers.  The Mommy Bloggers is a group of local midstate women who have varied stories, challenges and backgrounds. Each one of our bloggers will be highlighting their parental experiences on Central Penn Parent weekly.  ...

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