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Mommy Blogs

Bitsy McCann

Let’s hear it for the stay-at-home dads

I often forget that we are not the typical U.S. family. Only about 20% of American households with children have a stay-at-home parent anymore, and only a small percentage of these families feature a stay-at-home dad. What’s more, I am a female entrepreneur with a small business

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Farewell to the year we all spent in slow motion

We have been living through this global pandemic for over a year now. Our lives have been changed forever, and we have to find new ways to celebrate life! Last year, we were afraid to open the doors to family, friends and our neighbors. Some of those people were claimed by the virus, but they will be with us forever in our memories and dreams.

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5 Reasons ‘The Goldbergs’ Is So Relatable

About three years ago, my good friend Beth recommended watching “The Goldbergs,” an ABC period sitcom about a family of five. At the time, although I had heard of it, and maybe caught a glimpse of it in passing once or twice, I never figured out a way to carve out the time to sit down and watch. 

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Money: A Real Discussion

We can all agree on this: Kids are expensive. I am not a financial guru and this isn’t going to be a “how to manage money” article. I’m simply a single mother who is sharing her experience in this parenthood journey. One of those least talked about experiences is money.

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