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This may be the year to rethink holiday gift-giving

Around this time each year, a post starts popping up on Facebook in which a parent pleads for a “no toys, just experiences” holiday season. The post (attributed to different people throughout the years) highlights how their children ask for a toy for Christmas, play with it for a few days after they get it, and then it collects dust in favor of the latest app or game until it’s quietly donated the next Christmas. 

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Do managed expectations work on kids? It does for me!

The key to limited meltdowns is obnoxious over-explanation. I swear that this is the entire reason my kid is so well behaved. I am not a psychologist or a geneticist, but for myself, managed expectations are the reason for my emotional chill. I am convinced that also applies to little people.   Nearly all of my family ...

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Making Decisions Together

“Excuse me may I speak to you about son, please?”    These are 10 words that every parent dreads. There is a moment where you wonder what your child has done to get into trouble, or worry that they may have been hurt in some unthinkable way. Either way, the answer is always “Yes, of course!”   Over ...

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