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Moving with a toddler

Like every other mother out there, my kiddo amazes me constantly. It’s not even that she’s doing anything special (she’s just a toddler after all), but she looks at the world in this magical way with eyes that are new and fresh and inquisitive of everything around her.

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Telling kids “it’s OK” isn’t OK

We live in a “resort community.” Translation: we’re some of the … younger residents of the neighborhood. When we moved in, the girls were 1 and 4 years old. Since we live in a configuration of townhouses, most of our yards blur together in some form or fashion and there aren’t a lot of sound ...

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Packing proficiency decreases when you have kids

I used to consider myself a champion packer. I once took an overnight trip to New York City and didn’t even take a duffel bag – I carried a big purse with an inside pocket, into which I crammed a second shirt and change of underwear, and re-wore my jeans and shoes from the first day. 

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