Why military veterans make natural entrepreneurs

Sherice Sargent, Contributing Writer//November 19, 2020

Why military veterans make natural entrepreneurs

Sherice Sargent, Contributing Writer//November 19, 2020

The vim and vigor of a patriotic spirit can easily transition to entrepreneurial pursuits. Military veterans and entrepreneurs require dedication and drive, along with faith and optimism. These all-too-familiar characteristics are what carried many veterans through their daily military routines and duties.

After being instilled with a strict regimen of discipline, accountability, loyalty, respect, integrity, decision making, organization and attention to details, veterans have the necessary skill sets that position them well for success in the business world, especially during a pandemic. Military veterans have a strong work ethic, face challenges head on and are accustomed to making quick, strategic decisions. In addition, veterans are fast learners because of the numerous positions they have held; ever-changing rules, regulations and technologies; and acclimating to various physical living conditions.

Becoming an entrepreneur

Military veterans are a natural with regard to entrepreneurism. Many are proven leaders with a desire to be their own boss, train others and establish a new routine. Some individuals may have honed a skill during a long deployment and are eager to expand on their talents by converting them into a business. Others might have been exposed to a new product or service that captured their attention, so they want to pursue it from an entrepreneurial perspective. While others may have disabilities that hinder them in a traditional work environment, leading them to start online companies.

The reasons for becoming an entrepreneur, as well as the opportunities, are endless for veterans to make a difference when they transition to civilian life, both for themselves and their communities. Opening a small business is not only a perfect segue into a second career, but it also offers opportunities to help the community by

creating jobs and hiring other veterans as well.

Remaining calm in the face of a storm

Members of the U.S. military constantly face difficult challenges and risks; therefore, many veterans have the composure, decision-making skills and fortitude to confront the dynamics surrounding a pandemic. In times of crisis, whether or not it is from a personal, business owner or employee perspective, their innate abilities to handle the circumstances in a calm, mindful and strategic manner serve them well, along with those who surround them.

Military veterans have trained for the current landscape in one way or another during their entire military career, so they are well equipped to respond accordingly as a civilian. Their demeanor and experiences lend themselves to times such as these, giving Americans further reason to admire, respect and lean on current and former members of the military as they remain calm in the face of a storm.

Chasing the American dream

Who better to chase the American dream of owning and operating a small business than a U.S. military veteran? Small business is the backbone of the American economy, which has been under siege due to the pandemic. Military veterans have a great ability to see the bigger picture, identify new avenues for doing business, persevere and seize the opportunities that may be a silver lining during challenging times. They fought for our nation and many have the determination to fight for the economy by opening and/or rebuilding small businesses.

Setting an example

Service in the U.S. Armed Forces and the positive traits associated with military veterans enable them to be shining examples for others as they leverage their abilities to carve out a new life in the civilian world. They can continue to serve as mentors, positive role models and contributing members of society as they own and operate their small businesses.

Veteran-owned businesses are typically highly regarded by the community not only because the owners served their country, but also because there is a good chance that they are well-run companies due to the military discipline brought to the business.

By leveraging the skill sets acquired in the U.S. Armed Forces and employing a dogged determination to forge ahead no matter the circumstances, military veterans can successfully embrace the entrepreneurial spirit.

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