Mike Shirk

CPBJ Staff//April 15, 2022

Mike Shirk

CPBJ Staff//April 15, 2022

High Companies

As CEO, Shirk’s duties are strengthening the family of 11 diverse companies, serving a team of coworkers, and developing strategies and talent that will provide a bright future for High’s companies.

He has been in the position for seven years.

Shirk gets the most satisfaction from seeing coworkers succeed, sometimes beyond what they thought was possible. “We are often called to take on challenges that others can’t or won’t, whether it be a massive bridge, a unique building design or a highly complex real estate transaction. It’s fun seeing what our teams are capable of accomplishing,” he said.

Life is a team sport, and success comes from having many great coaches and mentors along the way.

Shirk said he is very fortunate to have been raised by two incredible, loving parents who taught him many things, including the importance of community and what it means to help others.

His advice to those looking to enter his field: “First, be highly coachable, with a genuine thirst for learning and constructive feedback to help you grow. Second, be willing to stretch yourself; investments early in your career can pay dividends later. Both of these will help you succeed.”

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