Meet Generation Alpha, who’s growing up now

tfitzpatrick//April 21, 2020

Meet Generation Alpha, who’s growing up now

tfitzpatrick//April 21, 2020

Move over, millennials and Gen Z. The world is welcoming Generation Alpha, currently the youngest generation, born from 2010 to 2024.

With brand influence and purchasing power beyond their years, Gen Alpha will shape the social media landscape as popular culture influencers and emerging consumers, said Ashley Fell, communications director for McCrindle, an Australian-based social research company.

Social researcher Mark McCrindle coined the term “Generation Alpha” in 2005 when it became apparent that a new generation had arrived and there was no name for them.

“People suggested Generation A, having come to the end of the alphabet with Generation Z. But Generation Alpha represents a whole new generation entirely born in a new century. Going back to the beginning didn’t feel right for this next generation,” Fell said.

“They are coming of age in a unique time in history,” Fell said, “when the largest economy will have shifted from the United States to China, the fastest growing population will have shifted from the continent of Asia to Africa, and the most populous country will have transitioned from China to India.”

Fell shares how they’re different:

• Generation Alpha will be the largest generation. “When they have all been born (2025) they will number almost 2 billion,” according to McCrindle.

• They will live longer and will be more culturally diverse compared to the former generations. Defined by technology they’re the most globally connected generation ever.

• Raised as “screenagers,” this generation used screens from the youngest age as pacifiers, entertainers and educational aids. That saturation may lead to shorter attention spans, the gamification of education, increased digital literacy and impaired social formation.

Other nicknames include Generation Glass, the global gen, the iGen, digital natives and upagers, which refers to their physical maturity setting in earlier than previous generations.

Find out more at generationalpha.com.