Mandey Ryan reflects on her leadership tenure at HUB International

Kylie Stoltzfus//November 30, 2022

Mandey Ryan reflects on her leadership tenure at HUB International

Kylie Stoltzfus//November 30, 2022

Mandey Ryan experienced a pivotal career shift in 2018 when a member of senior leadership announced his retirement from HUB International’s Harrisburg office. Ryan was given the opportunity to fill the vacancy, solidifying her leadership position within the insurance industry.  

In the years since, Ryan has occupied the role of vice president of employee benefits and Central PA operations manager in the Harrisburg Office of the global insurance brokerage. She has built a positive reputation around her commitment to excellence and exceptional client service.  

In 2015, Ryan’s former company was acquired by HUB International, an insurance agency based in Chicago, boasting over 500 offices across North America. With the insurance industry being a historically male-dominated field, Ryan said she knew that assuming a vice president position would provide a unique opportunity to increase female representation in the ranks of senior leadership.  

“Prior to me taking over, it was always males that had run our office and been in that leadership role,” Ryan said. “I was very honored to be able to step up to that level, and I have a great support system of people behind me that have been promoting me and pushing me and training me and developing me into this role.”  

Ryan said she acknowledges that the insurance industry has changed dramatically throughout her tenure. Her longevity in the industry has afforded her a historical understanding of key issues that impact employers in the present—such as employee retention concerns, policy changes, and strategies for maximizing her client’s profitability.  

“It’s been a wild ride,” Ryan said. “Employers need somebody that [knows] the industry and [has] been through the ups and downs.” 

For Ryan, collaboration is an essential aspect of serving her clients well. She has found it crucial to float ideas with other folks in the insurance industry, specifically within the HUB International network. Ryan’s Harrisburg Office meets frequently with HUB International offices based out of Pittsburg, Erie and Columbus.

The insurance industry is a fast-paced and ever-changing environment, a reality that Ryan uses to her advantage. By staying current on that ever-changing environment, she said she is able to serve her clients with unmatched care. 

According to Ryan, this level of awareness is possible due to the support from a team of compliance experts who provide real-time updates on changes as they develop. This, Ryan says, is one of the perks in being part of a leading insurance brokerage, with offices spread across the United States and Canada.  

When a client question arises, Ryan said she can reach out to a team of experts to develop creative solutions for the professionals HUB International serves. This additional layer of support makes it possible to provide an elevated standard of care to their clients without losing the personalization of a local firm.  

“We’re such a large company, but [we are] a local office with local representation and ties to the community,” Ryan said. 

Ryan has built her career and reputation around the protection of her clients, as well as their profitability and well-being. The relationships she has built with her clients is among the most fulfilling parts of her work with HUB International.  

“Working with my clients is [the] thing that I love about my job, being able to help them create an employee benefits package that works for them financially, but also works for their employees to be able to recruit and retain employees,” Ryan said. “I respect my clients and hopefully they respect me as well, and my opinions and my history, and what I’m able to bring to them.” 

Ryan has accumulated over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry and attributes her success to the people who surrounded and supported her throughout her career trajectory. When considering the leaders who will rise through the ranks in the coming years, Ryan said she encourages them to lean into the same spirit of mentorship and collaboration.  

Surround yourself with a great team of people who trust, help and support you,” Ryan said. “I wouldn’t be where I am today in my career without good people helping and pushing me along the way.”