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Use the interface below to search for contact information and create custom spreadsheets for companies in CPBJ Lists.

  • CPBJ Premium subscribers may search to view contact information and other data in the database, or download contact info into Excel. You must be logged in to access your subscription.
  • Other subscribers may pay per record to download company contact info into Excel. Call 800-425-8609 or email [email protected] to upgrade to CPBJ Premium.
  • Wild card searching: Use the % sign to indicate that you want all companies with a certain field populated. For example, if you want all companies that provided a company email address, populate the "email" search box with the % sign and click search. You could do a similar Wild Card search in the name field. Search for "Big%t" which would search for records that started with Big and had the letter "t" somewhere else in the name.
  • Most companies are listed by a single primary address in the region, not by each office.
  • Questions about using custom search: Email [email protected].

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