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Mooney & Associates LLC dba Mooney Law
230 York St.
Hanover, PA 17331

York county






[email protected]

Web site:



Type of business:

Personal injury, workers' compensation, SSD, estates, criminal defense, family law, BKR, business, real estate and immigration law

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2021 Top 100 Private Companies


Imler, J.C. (Partner)

Buterbaugh, M.A. (Partner)

Swartz, G.W. II (Partner)

Stottlemyer, Shawn M. (General practice associate for Cumberland and Perry counties)

Zeigler, Andrew S. (General practice associate for York and Lancaster counties)

Mooney, John J. III (Partner)

Miller, Tyann L. (Managing associate and of counsel)

Lingg, Clayton A. (Elder law and estate law associate )

Parker, S. Wade (Senior bankruptcy and immigration attorney)

Withers, Andrew S. (General practice associate for Dauphin and Lebanon counties)

Weaver, Jessica E. (General practice associate for Franklin County)

Royer, Paul B. (General practice associate for Adams County)

Goldstein, Herbert Corky (Senior criminal defense litigator)


Buterbaugh, M.A. (Partner)

Imler, J.C. (Partner)

Swartz, G.W. II (Partner)

Stottlemyer, S.M. (Partner)

Lingg, Clayton A (Partner)

2020 local revenue

5,000,000.00 (usd)

2020 total revenue

5,000.00 (usd)

All list

Estate planner, Law firm, Privately held company

Blog url

Facebook ID

Mooney & Associates

Headquarters municipality


Local locations


Organization type

For-profit privately held

Total locations


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