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PA Biz Conversations with Andrea Karns

Andrea Karns,vice president of sales and marketing at Mechanicsburg-based Karns Quality Food, spoke to the journal about what made the supermarket chain stand out during the COVID-19 pandemic and the boots-on-the-ground mentality she and her staff had to ensure everything ran smoothly.

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Midstate museums face severe challenges as the pandemic grinds on

Like the hospitality and entertainment industries, museums have been hard hit by the pandemic and, according to the American Alliance of Museums, this cultural sector is just beginning to assess the impact closures, travel bans, cancellations of major events, and the implementation of physical distancing is having on institutions and the people who work for them.

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Contact tracing critical to stopping COVID spread

With increased coronavirus outbreaks, hospitals and health departments say contact tracing — an essential part of controlling the pandemic's spread — will be more difficult, causing Pennsylvania to now shift the focus of those efforts to those diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last six days.

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