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Quality control: Testing labs say consistency is needed

In Pennsylvania, four laboratories are often the last line of defense between the medical marijuana manufacturer and the consumer. And those labs’ role in public safety is becoming more apparent in light of the rise in lung-injury cases connected to the use of cannabis-based products in e-cigarette and vaping products. As of October 15, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that cases of lung injury among vape and e-cigarette users had killed 33 people and injured 1,479.

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The Cannabis Challenge: Risky Business

Cannabis entrepreneurs face financial and legal challenges when securing real estate. For cannabis entrepreneurs, finding a place to operate their business presents considerable challenges amidst the uncertainty surrounding the legality of cannabis. It’s an industry rife with risk, but also opportunities.

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Special Report: The Cannabis Challenge

Pennsylvania legalized medical marijuana in 2016, and Gov. Tom Wolf has called on the state lawmakers to take the next step; allow its recreational use. Doing so would create new opportunities for entrepreneurs, and new tax revenue for the state. Central Penn Business Journal reports on issues facing this niche industry and the serious obstacles that stand in its way.

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Guest view: Pronoun Lowdown

Once upon a time, English pronouns were simple: him/his, her/hers, it/its, they/their. But even Shakespeare saw limitations with this scant number of options. As far back as 1594, he was bending grammar rules, especially the stricture that a singular noun takes a singular pronoun. From his Comedy of Errors comes this line: “There’s not a ...

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A Conversation With: Matthew Mayo

Matthew Mayo, 38, was named assistant executive director and nursing home administrator for West Donegal Township-based Masonic Village at Elizabethtown in September. He previously served as nursing home administrator for ManorCare Laureldale and spent more than 15 years with ManorCare centers.

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