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Lapp: “The Best Is Yet To Come…When We Work Together Central PA”



One thing all of us in Central PA can agree on during these challenging times in our nation’s history is that we are looking forward to this summer with warmer weather and getting together with friends and family once again for cookouts and dining out. Our team at Lapp Electric is looking forward with optimism to this summer and the second half of Lapp Electric’s seventh decade of serving this caring community.  WE ARE… powered by people and exceedingly charged up to finish this year strong. We continue to live out loud our fundamental values that we learned from our fearless founder, Manny Lapp, who taught us that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.


At Lapp Electric, we believe in…

Superior Service…to our Employees, Customers, and Community

Honest & Open Communication….in a professional, courteous, and polite way

Gratefulness…counting our blessings every day in every way


We commit to continually invest in our talented group of experts in the industry as well as recruit and train next generation leaders entering the electrical field. 


With automobile manufacturers continuing to improve and introduce new models of electric cars and SUV’s over the next several years, upgrading homes and businesses to LED lighting, plus other electrical advancements in commercial/industrial facilities…we believe the best is still yet to come. Plus, we are now technologically better equipped to provide you with remote estimates and electrical consultation to support you for any of your future projects at your home or business.  One of our signature services…our 24-hour emergency service, continues to be the backbone of our business because at Lapp Electric, we understand that everyone defines an emergency differently, but if it’s an emergency to you, it is an emergency to us.


Why does our team at Lapp love serving Central PA for the past 50+ years? Because our roots run deep here with most of our employees growing up in Lancaster and our surrounding counties.  


In an effort to give back to the community that has given so much to us, this summer we will be offering a “Let’s Work Together” campaign. During the months of June, July & August, if you have work performed at your home or business and mention code CPBJSUM20, you will receive a DoorDash Gift Card or we can donate the equivalent dollar value to a Local Fire Company of your choice in your community. For more information about the “Let’s Work Together” campaign, visit the Summer Savings section of our website at


Thank you LAPPER’s for keeping our light shining bright for future generations in our community to see! We are so fortunate and blessed to work together in making a significant difference in our small section of the world we call home. 

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