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Lancaster tech company venturing into senior care industry

Americans age 65 and older are expected to double over the next 25 years

A Lancaster-based tech company’s newest site hopes to connect people in the senior health care industry.

Track5Media’s newest brand,, is designed to generate client leads for senior care facilities by allowing users to search through senior care options – from home care to end-of-life care.

Track5 started the project in March 2015, with a soft launch date  Jan. 1, 2017.

The idea behind the website is to make it easier for people to find the best senior care option for their loved ones through an online consulting service. 

Track5’s goal is to build a website that guides users through the selection process, according to Track5 President Oliver Feakins.

“We wanted to provide a service that would help seniors and families make the right choice for their living arrangements,” Feakins said.

Track5 already operates four other health care related websites, all of which are centered on connecting health care professionals to jobs. is Track5’s first endeavor into the senior care field, prompted by its growth.

Americans age 65 and older are expected to double over the next 25 years, and this is record growth in the number and proportion of seniors in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

There are already other businesses that have similar endeavors, such as Massachusetts-based, Inc. Its annual revenue is about $59 million.

Track5’s research determined there is room for more competition.

It recently led a focus group at the Pennsylvania Health Care Association comprised of about 50 assisted living administrators and nursing professionals. The focus group allowed Track5 to conduct market research and share their product with the group for feedback.

Here’s how works.

Users will fill out a care assessment form on the website, which will ask for information such as who they’re seeking care for and what kind, as well as the person’s name and brief medical history.

Once the user completes the online form, they’ll have access to lists of local resources from meals on wheels to legal help. They’ll also get a free consultation from Track5, whose staff will guide users through senior care options in their area.

The website will generate leads in three to five states to start and then expand across the U.S.

The user never pays for the services.

Track5 makes its money through a commission-based sales team for senior care facilities who sign up to be featured on the site.

Senior care facilities will have the ability to claim their listing and become a partner with Track5, and the facilities won’t have to pay unless they get a lead from the website.

Facilities that do not partner with Track5 will still be listed on the website, but partners will be being website priority.

Once a partner with Track5, the senior care facility will be able to track leads through a built-in monitoring system, so that both Track5 and the facility can see where the leads are in the process.

Based on research, the 16 employees at Track5 are hopeful that the website will make finding a senior care facility easier for those seeking help.

“At one point or another, all families find themselves in need of finding the right senior care arrangements for themselves or a loved one,” said Kayla Shaffer, product manager at Track5. “Although there are other senior living referral providers, we did a lot of research to recognize pain points that families have experienced during their search for care, and identified ways to address those problems by creating a product that intends to offer more than just potential care options.”

Lenay Ruhl

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