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Lancaster County named best place in the country to retire; Pittsburgh, Allentown also in top 25

The Lancaster skyline - (Photo / File)

The best place to retire in the country is in Central Pennsylvania, according to U.S. News & World Report.

After finishing second a year ago, Lancaster County has taken the top spot on the magazine’s 2019 list, which ranks the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S.

The retirement score for each of the 100 areas was based on scores for happiness, desirability, retiree taxes and the job market, as well as housing affordability and health care quality. Results were based on two online surveys of pre-retirees (ages 45 to 59) and of people 60 or older.

Lancaster County claimed No. 1 over Fort Myers, Florida, due to increases in housing affordability, the overall happiness of its residents and access to health care, according to the magazine.

U.S. News said: “Lancaster, Pennsylvania, offers a balance between natural and commercial spaces that residents appreciate. Expansive farms rub elbows with manicured suburbs, which lead right into the bustling city. A short drive can take one through each of these environments. Each area boasts its own unique groups of inhabitants: farmers, families, college students and young professionals. From close-knit church communities to the indie coffee shop scene, Lancaster holds something for everyone.”

Also cracking the top 25 were Pittsburgh at No. 5 and Allentown at No. 18. The Harrisburg area was up to No. 29 this year after finishing at No. 38 last year.

The top 25 is largely made up of cities in Florida, Texas and Pennsylvania. Seven cities in Florida made the top 25. Texas had four while Pennsylvania got three.

Within the top 100, Philadelphia was No. 31 and Scranton was No. 68.

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