Joseph Haddock

CPBJ Staff//August 19, 2022

Joseph Haddock

CPBJ Staff//August 19, 2022

Joseph Haddock

Market President, Eastern Pennsylvania

Highmark Health

Haddock has been in his position for one year.

He said being new to Highmark, having the ability to change and enhance health care is the ultimate reward. Haddock said Highmark has an aspirational mission and vision that is attainable due to its leadership, structure, innovation, size, and ability to scale.

“I’ve spent the majority of my career working within innovative organizations, but never with the ability to lead and influence change across our industry like Highmark can,” he said.

Haddock finds visionary leaders inspiring. “There are many to choose from so what I would say is I find their unwavering commitment toward a better way or outcome and their ability to align others toward a common goal through effective communication, emotional intelligence, and optimism to be very inspiring,” he said.

He said the health care industry is moving the needle on the member experience, but still has a long way to go, adding that the pandemic created opportunities to interact with members and patients and the industry responded.

“Achieving behavior change is challenging, even when you know the change is the right thing to do for the member. Insurers need to continue to innovate and lead in the development and advancement of technology to support greater engagement, which leads to better outcomes. The good news is that more tools are now available that allow members to interact and engage,” Haddock said.

Two relationships that developed during an influential time in Haddock’s career were with Dr. Richard Gilfillan and Michael Morucci.

“I met Rick mid-career, and he provided me with a foundation and skill set in executive leadership. I met Mike early in my career and he guided the development of my overall business acumen and showed me how to incorporate an entrepreneurial spirit and approach within a structured organization,”  Haddock said.

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