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John J. Pagan MD MBA FACS

John J. Pagan MD MBA FACS

Chairman & CEO

Pennsylvania Clinical Network (PACN)

Dr. Pagan leads a talented team dedicated to recognizing and rewarding the excellent quality care that PACN’s member physician groups provide their patients every day. The PACN empowers independent medical practices across Pennsylvania with meaningful clinical, claims, and healthcare payer information through a common information pathway.

He has served as chairman of the PACN board for two years and was named CEO in April 2021.

Dr. Pagan is proud to help shepherd this vision of the Pennsylvania Medical Society to develop the resources for our physicians to not only survive but thrive as healthcare quality payments evolve. The PACN is the culmination of that vision that allows practices of all types to transform quality care.

His most important life lesson: In addition to perseverance, having the humility to let fellow aligned, bright, and dedicated minds take good ideas to the next level. That collaboration brings greater success than any individual can achieve alone.

“Although admittedly ‘geeky’, I enjoy using parliamentary procedure to facilitate small and large groups to develop great ideas from an amalgam of individual voices,” he said. Dr. Pagan also enjoys Chesapeake sunsets and sails where the combination of wind, water, and waves elevate the moment and leave any daily stresses behind.

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