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John Goldman, MD

John Goldman, MD

Epidemiologist and Vice President of Medical Affairs

UPMC in Central PA

Dr. Goldman handles all medical staff issues. He is also in charge of graduate medical education at UPMC in Central PA., and he leads the health system’s response to COVID-19.

He has been with the health system since 1996 and has been in his present position for over a year. Dr. Goldman is most proud of keeping UMPC in Central PA’s hospitals safe during COVID-19. “At the start of the pandemic, there was a lot of concern about transmission within hospitals. By implementing practices such as universal masking, we were able to prevent transmission within hospitals and keep our staff and patients safe,” he said.

The most important lesson he has learned during the pandemic is that you must ignore the “noise”. “There has been a lot of rhetoric, misinformation, and politics surrounding the pandemic. At UPMC, we followed good evidence-based medicine to drown out the noise and keep everyone safe,” Dr. Goldman said. He is an avid indoor rower.

“I joke that during this pandemic I have prioritized exercise over sleep. I have an ERG (rowing) machine in the basement and try to row or do some form of exercise every morning,” he said.

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