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Jim Koury

Jim Koury

CEO and Commercial/Residential Realtor 

RSR Realtors LLC 

He said RSR has a business model where the existing partners share in the decision making and leadership of the firm. Koury said the partners’ responsibilities include overseeing the day-to-day operations in addition to helping agents reach their goals and be as successful as possible. Additionally, the leadership team has their own book of business to maintain and strengthen.

He joined RSR in 2000 as an agent. Named a partner in 2007, Koury was selected as the firm’s new CEO in 2018.

He said naming a professional accomplishment that he was proud of is easy, since he is highly motivated, especially in the last 10 years, to be a mentor to the firm’s agents. “It gives me no better pleasure to see new agents enter into our business and see them produce with the same love and enthusiasm that I have for the real estate business. This certainly includes both my sons, Jimmy and Jeff, who joined RSR right out of college,” he said.

“There is an old saying that one does not appreciate their good health until they lose it. Well, this certainly hit home for me after my health setback in 2000. I have a much deeper appreciation for those battling health issues and how it affects their life and the lives of their family and friends,” he said.

Koury plans on hitting the pool again after COVID-19, since swimming laps has always been a pleasure and a great stress reliever. “However, with most athletic activities behind me, my real enjoyment is simply being among family and friends. Whether vacationing or at simple local gatherings–the more smiles the better.”

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