Industrial Resolution aims to lift Lancaster technology industry

Sporting T-shirts with their company’s name across the front, the team members at Industrial Resolution LLC seem casual and laid back. But beyond the culture of ease in which they work is a professional crew that looks at minute details to create innovative technology with precision.

Following its role managing pieces of the digital and creative strategy for the 2015 U.S. Women’s Open in Lancaster, and with a plan to open in a co-working space this fall, Industrial Resolution is hoping to revolutionize the tech industry in Lancaster County.

“We are very much a company in transition and arriving right now,” said Joel Walker, president of Industrial Resolution, a technology company in Lancaster that provides consulting and marketing services.

2015 U.S. Women’s Open


The company’s involvement with the Women’s Open was a turning point.

“We knew that it was much larger than we could do, but we also knew it would be a life-changing experience,” Walker said.

The company bid on the project and was invited, along with six or seven other companies, to make a pitch for the job. After being up all night for five nights crafting a proposal, Industrial Resolution won the bid in early 2014.

“It was crazy,” Walker said.

The company’s seven employees had 16 months to develop multiple websites, all print and Web advertising, graphic designs, logos, event posters and branding for the tournament.

Building what they refer to as an “un-agency,” Industrial Resolution worked with other local companies to provide services.

For example, Infantree, a local branding company, handled the initial branding for Industrial Resolution when the company began, and the two businesses have collaborated on multiple projects. For the Women’s Open, Infantree handled the initial website design, establishing brand guidelines, and editing and designing logos.

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