HR company takes “holistic” approach in order to benefit clients

Jennifer Botchie Deinlein//March 22, 2023

HR company takes “holistic” approach in order to benefit clients

Jennifer Botchie Deinlein//March 22, 2023

Tell us about the name “TREW” and how it applies to the company’s approach to human resources. 

It’s the Scottish version of to believe and trust, and the approach we take is that we like to say “people focused, business minded.” We’re trying to put the people back in HR. I think a lot of times in industries people really think HR is just the hiring and firing, and we are so much more than that and we can be so much more to our clients. It’s just kind of telling them, you can trust us, we have full transparency here, we’re here to help you. Believe in what you’re doing and let us help you to help your workforce with whatever initiative you are trying to bring on.  

We can align so much of your strategic initiatives and we can do so much more than just the paper — which is the transactional things — but we’re really trying to change how people view their employees and make it a better place for their employees. 

What is holistic HR and how does it benefit your clients? 

I like to always say I’m not going to be burning sage — unless you want me to burn some sage, I can definitely do that to make their lives better. But for me, (holistic HR) means looking at the entire life cycle of an employee, so that’s from sourcing all the way to termination. When you’re my client, you’re going to first be comfortable with me. I like to make sure everyone understands I’m basically here to be an extension of your workforce.  

You’ve noted that there are currently five generations in the workplace. What are the keys to successfully blending generations and helping them communicate in a business or organization? 

I think the first thing is recognizing that fact. A lot of people just think we have these people together and they have to work together. Learning how to work with other people is actually kind of hard, especially when you’re coming from different generations where you may think it should be done this way but another generation may think we don’t have to do it this way, there’s a more efficient way. I think the second thing is coming out of your silo. A lot of people don’t recognize they’re even in their silos because it’s so comfortable, and they don’t want to be uncomfortable, but I think it’s all about being uncomfortable and how we change, and understanding these people may have a different viewpoint of life or what the workforce may seem like, but don’t just write them off. And for the younger people, (the older generation) has been at this a long time and there are lessons to be learned from them. It goes both ways.  These steps may sound really small like they honestly make a big difference. From there it’s having those conversations, being collaborative with one another. That may mean you have to communicate with someone differently. It’s about seeing those differences and embracing those differences. Once we do that, your workplace can work more efficiently because people will understand each other and communicate with each other.   

What is your go-to morning drink? 

I just drink water. I don’t really drink coffee, maybe a bit of tea at night. I’m just naturally energetic! 

About Candice Rice 

Candice Rice, 29, joined TREW HR in January 2022. She brings a holistic approach to human resources and is also a diversity, equity and inclusion specialist. Prior to TREW, she was a human resources generalist and coordinator with several midstate businesses. 

Rice has a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in human resource management from York College of Pennsylvania. She is also a SHRM certified professional and also holds OSHA certification, along with a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace certificate from USF Corporate Training and Professional Education. 

She is a native of York now living in Highspire, with 10 siblings who all live nearby. 

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