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Millersville University Executive Leadership Forum, 5:30 p.m.-8 p.m., Tuesday, June 12, Bolger Conference Center, Millersville University. Cost: $65. “Theory of Organizational Lifecycles: How Organizations Grow, Why They Die, What to Do About It,” with Ian MacDougall, founder of Corporate LifeCycles Inc. For details or to register, visit www.corpu.millersville.edu.

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Small towns, large events

You probably already knew that the downtowns of Harrisburg, Lancaster and York have been redeveloped in recent years into busy weekend spots. You likely haven’t realized that the business centers of several other municipalities in Central Pennsylvania have experienced the same trend.

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Doing business at one of the happiest places on earth is a cheerful experience for the Central Pennsylvania-based businesses operating inside the tourist-attracting tycoon of Hersheypark.

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