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Harrisburg Midtown Cinema not moving

Harrisburg's Midtown Cinema
is staying put at 250 Reily St.
after its owner GreenWorks Development last year announced it planned to move the
theater to the Campus
Square Building
the company is developing at North Third and Reily streets.

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Battlefield facelift

Everything is new again with a very old subject. And that's
just fine with Gettysburg
National Military
Park officials, who are
seeing increases in visitor numbers since the April opening of its $103 million
visitors center.

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2 cents: Advice from the experts


What they’re saying: In this week’s CPBJ

Numbers of the week




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Behind the scares

In the warm sunlight of the afternoon, 191 College Ave. in Mountville is not so
frightening. The rickety, beat-up buildings seem to lose their fear-causing

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