High-tech health care facility planned for Lancaster County

Aspire Universal hopes to build a 140,000-square-foot, four-story facility at the former Lancaster Stockyards site on Marshall Avenue in Lancaster. - (Photo / Submitted)

Imagine a brand- new building designed around the newest technology health care has to offer. Imagine a health care destination for medical specialties providing data-driven treatment options.

Now, imagine all of this under one roof at a location in the midstate, with the potential to bring more than 100 jobs.

This is the concept being discussed for a location in Lancaster County, according to Marcus Grimm, chief marketing officer for Lancaster-based Aspire Universal.

Aspire, a venture capital firm specializing in technology investments, is proposing to build a 140,000-square-foot, four-story facility at the former Lancaster Stockyards site on Marshall Avenue, in the city’s northern end.

The new facility, called Clio Health Lancaster, is intended to improve patient experience, produce better health outcomes and lower costs, according to Grimm.

Aspire’s vision

Grimm said there are three paths to pursue in order to bring Clio Health to life now that a location has been picked.

First, Aspire is working on finding the right medical specialties for the facility. It is currently negotiating with physician partners, and Grimm declined to disclose additional information.

What he could talk about is the second piece in developing the facility, and that is the technology. The new health care facility will use the newest technology available in the United States and overseas.

Aspire Universal happens to have in its investment portfolio three health care-focused technology companies – Tempo Health, Medstatix and Vitavista.

Tempo Health is developing mobile software applications to help diabetes patients predict glucose levels. Medstatix lets physicians monitor patient satisfaction. Vitavista is working on applying machine learning to X-ray technology to generate faster diagnoses.

The third piece to developing Clio Health is that Aspire wants to create an infrastructure so that its technology systems can talk to one another. For example, Grimm said, patients might have one app they could use to access everything related to their health care.

Tim Harrison, who is the manager of Stockyards Development Inc., went before Lancaster City’s historical commission on Feb. 16 for a conceptual discussion on the building plans with local developer Robert Redcay and two architects.

According to Grimm, the parties are hopeful for a midyear ground breaking.

Lenay Ruhl

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