Rule of 5s helps kids with braces

Rule of 5s helps kids with braces

Many kids are taught from a young age to fear the word cavities, and kids with braces often receive extra warnings as their teeth are significantly more difficult to take care of.

To help kids with braces stay cavity-free, a Robert Chavez and his son Andrew Chase have created an easy-to-follow cleaning formula titled the Rule of 5s:

  • There are 5 places to brush: (1) where the teeth meet the gum lines, in toward the gums; (2) under the wire;  (3) on top of the wire; (4) on top of the tooth,: (5) in back of the tooth.
  • There are 5 times during the day to brush: after breakfast, after lunch or after school, after dinner, after snacks, and before bed.
  • 5 minutes of additional time should be spent at the end of the day flossing and using fluoride rinse.

For more information about the Rule of Fives visit: http://www.archorthodontics.com/