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Heather Staples Lavoie

Heather Staples Lavoie

President & CEO


Staples Lavoie has overall accountability for the well-being and success of the organization. As a start-up leader, this means anything and everything. Typical duties range from sales and conference presentations, leading company town hall meetings, budgeting and signing contracts, and participating in product, development, security and compliance activities.

She took on the role of CEO in April 2020 as Geneia’s team transitioned to remote work during the pandemic.

She is proud of serving at successive organizations where organizational health and culture were both a priority and a continuous improvement effort. “Employees in start-ups spend 25- to over 50% of their waking hours sharing their talents with their employer. It is rewarding to know people feel valued and that their work is meaningful,” Staples Lavoie said.

Her most important life lesson: Never underestimate the power of surrounding yourself with people who share values similar to those with which you lead your life. If those values happen to be honesty and vulnerability, do not be surprised by the grace, understanding, compassion and loyalty people naturally extend to you.

“I love nearly everything that has to do with outdoor exercise as it both rejuvenates me and affords me an opportunity to think without distractions. This could be Nordic, AT or downhill skiing in winter, paddle boarding in summer, or gravel, mountain biking and trail running year-round,” Staples Lavoie said.

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