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Hanover Hospital receives $2 million towards upgrades

Hanover Hospital has received stated funding to help offset the $6 million price tag on its cardiac catheterization suite. The suite, pictured, opened in December 2015. - (Photo / Submitted)

Hanover Hospital said it recently received $2 million in state funding to improve local cardiac care.

The money, which came from a state grant, will help offset the $6 million price tag on Hanover Hospital’s cardiac catheterization suite, which opened in December 2015, hospital spokesperson Lisa Duffy said.

The $6 million cost included $3 million in renovations, as well as other expenses for new equipment, furnishings and staff. The hospital received no other financial assistance for the project, according to Duffy.

The 11,500-square-foot suite features two operational cardiac catheterization rooms, a minor procedure room and 16 patient rooms for inpatient or outpatient services.

Hanover Hospital performs life-saving procedures on patients suffering from active or imminent cardiac arrest in the suite. The procedures include percutaneous coronary interventions, or PCI, in which doctors insert a tube to open up blood vessels in the heart that have been narrowed. The procedures increases blood flow and decreases chest pain for patients.

Since November, the hospital has performed 344 PCIs, the hospital said. The hospital already had one cardiovascular lab, but it needed more room due to patient demand.

“The suite was critical for the hospital to be able to provide necessary care for its patients, specifically interventional catheterizations,” Duffy said. “We now have multiple physicians who are able to provide interventional services and the number of patients seen justified the need for more than one lab.”

Before opening the suite, the hospital had to fly some patients to another facility for treatment, which added an estimated $10,000 expense, Duffy said.

To cover the cost of the suite, Hanover Hospital used a $2 million grant through state’s Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program, or RACP. Hanover Borough had applied for the grant on behalf of the hospital.

The hospital had originally approached the borough about adding the suite, after receiving approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Health to perform PCIs. It needed space to do so.

The grant will free the hospital’s funds so it can invest in additional upgrades.

Hanover Hospital recently renovated and moved its pediatric specialty therapy program, and it is currently renovating a space in the hospital for a suite where it will offer 3-D mammography, Duffy said.

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