Oct 25, 2022

New alliance works to secure health care supply chain in Pennsylvania

A newly formed alliance brought health care and provider industries together in Harrisburg Tuesday to ensure health care products and equipment are available when needed. 

Oct 25, 2022

$1.2 million in grants to address nursing shortage

The state Department of Labor & Industry (L&I) Monday announced $1.2 million in grants to address the nursing shortage. 

Oct 14, 2022

State invests nearly $7.5 million to save farmland from development

The state Department of Agriculture Thursday said nearly $7.5 million was invested in protecting 24 farms from future development. 

Sep 22, 2022

PennDOT to hold conference on contracting opportunities

PennDOT will host a one-day conference, Pathways to PennDOT on Oct. 18 to connect small, minority, women-owned and disadvantaged business enterprises (DBEs) with potential contracting opportunities at the department. 

Sep 21, 2022

DCNR to use 100% electricity from renewable sources by 2030

The state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) will produce or purchase 100% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030. 

Modern hydroponic greenhouse with complex climate control system for cultivation of agricultural and ornamental plants. Working artificial light in evening
Sep 16, 2022

State to receive $900 million in federal funding for climate-smart ag practices

Pennsylvania will receive more than $900 million in federal funding to support farm organizations, businesses and research institutions using climate-smart practices. 

Sep 15, 2022

Ghana reps visit Millersville University to explore trade partnerships

A delegation from the Republic of Ghana came to Millersville University Thursday to explore trade agreements and partnerships with local companies. 

Sep 12, 2022

State holds Bringing the World to PA event to encourage international trade

Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) Acting Secretary Neil Weaver today announced the start of the Bringing the World to PA event (BTW2PA).  

Sep 1, 2022

L&I’s Berrier reflects on economy ahead of Labor Day

To celebrate Labor Day, Department of Labor & Industry (L&I) Secretary Jennifer Berrier joined labor leaders and legislators to reflect on Pennsylvania's strong economy Wednesday. 

Aug 31, 2022

State invests $2 million to research climate change; improve technology

Pennsylvania is investing more than $2 million in research to battle the effects of climate change. 

Aug 29, 2022

Medical malpractice ruling could be more equitable for patients

The state Supreme Court ruling that allows medical malpractice lawsuits to be filed in any county where the doctor or medical facility does business is more equitable to the patients. So said Tom Hall, managing partner at Atlee Hall LLP, Lancaster.  

Aug 26, 2022

Medical malpractice cases again can be tried in any county

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania reversed a 2002 ruling Thursday, allowing medical malpractice claimants to bring their case to court in counties other than where the injury occurred.