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Foundation for growth: Jobs update

Residential building is coming on strong in the area of employment.

Homebuilder jobs grew by 3,100, while specialty trade contractors increased by 6,000, in March compared with February, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Over the last year, 103,000 residential building and remodeling jobs were created. There are now about 650,000 builders and nearly 1.6 million residential contractors, according to the BLS.
By comparison, commercial building jobs grew by 14,000 over the year to 688,000, and commercial contracting jobs rose by 12,700 to more than 2.13 million.
Collectively, the construction industry had more than 5.96 million employees in March, according to the BLS. That is up 151,000 over the year, or about 12,600 per month.
Meanwhile, the real estate industry had about 1.48 million jobs in March. That was up 28,500 over the year, or 2,375 per month.
That’s almost 15,000 new jobs each month between construction and real estate.
It’s early April. Shouldn’t we expect to see steady or bigger growth in the coming months?
What do you think? How many jobs has your construction or real estate business created so far this year? Let me know.

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