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The Opioid Epidemic and the Workplace


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Substance use disorder is ravaging our country and communities, with opioids taking an especially heavy toll. Opioid addiction has taken more lives than the Vietnam War, interrupting directly and indirectly the lives of many.

Employers and businesses are affected by the epidemic in a variety of ways. They must contend with issues ranging from workplace safety, to on-the-job impairment, to increased health care costs, to stress and mood disorders that impact job performance and the pool of available employees for hire. It is estimated that substance use disorders have an economic impact on businesses of more than $400 billion each year. Employers face challenging decisions, attempting to do what is in the best interests of both the company and the employees and loved ones confronted by addiction.

This interactive webinar will present a brief history of the opioid epidemic, describe treatment approaches, review the role of stigma as a barrier to care, and visit treatment controversies and implications for employers. Participants will be exposed to workplace situations and provide practical advice on approaching them, and learn about strategies to engage employees who want to be part of the response to this epidemic.


Ashley Potts, Senior Project Manager, Highmark Inc.

Dr. Caesar A. DeLeo, Vice President and Executive Medical Director of Strategic Initiatives, Highmark Inc.