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Homeschool Happenings: Poppin Pollinators

Homeschooled students are invited to join us at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary monthly for experiential learning! Topics will focus on the phenology of the Appalachian forest ecosystem. Programs are designed for K-12 students and are filled with hands-on learning activities both inside and outdoors. Please visit: to register.

February 16: Sensory Safari

Which sense do you use the most? Learn how animals utilize their well-adapted senses to help them in the wild!

March 16: Rock the House!
It’s Earthquake month! Learn about what happens below our feet on a global level every day! Discover different types of rocks and what secrets that they might hold of life thousands of years ago!

April 20: Backyard Biology
As the seasons start to change and things start to warm up take advantage of this time and learn about all that you can do to attract more wildlife to your backyard! Enjoy several crafts to create different shelters for wildlife and learn about what might be visiting your backyard!

May 18: Poppin Pollinators
Flowers are blooming and bees are buzzing! Learn all about the different pollinators that call Pennsylvania home during the wildflower season!

This event takes place every third Wednesday of the month.

At Hawk Mountain we prioritize the safety of our patrons and staff, and we continue to follow best practices during the pandemic in accordance with the CDC guidelines. Regardless of vaccination status, we encourage social distancing and mask wearing, especially during inside programs or visitation.