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Feel Good Going Back to School-Tools for Kids, Grown ups and Teachers

Feel Good Going Back to School: 6 Simple Mindfulness Tools for kids, grown ups and teachers that take only a few minutes.

HI, I’M DOUG MARSHALL. As a motivational speaker and mindset coach, I teach mindfulness and GOOD ENERGY tools that take only 30 seconds to 3 minutes to shift past negative thinking, fear based thoughts and limiting beliefs that create anxiety and hold us back. When the Covid-19 pandemic began, I started teaching more of these online workshops. As parents joined from their homes, their kids did too and they loved it. I teach tools that are pretty simple, easy to try and take less than a few minutes to make a big difference in mood and emotional well being. So, they’re good for everyone.

As kids and teachers head back to school (whether it’s in person or distance learning or hybrid), and grown ups/caretakers are managing the process, I’m hearing there are a lot of different anxiety triggers. I’ve gotten requests to teach a workshop that is specifically geared to kids/parents/teachers – things any of us can do to calm down, feel balanced, raise energy, increase communication and create a sense of security in any moment. So, I’ve decided to do this workshop to see if we can all commune and find ways to support ourselves and each other.

In this 60 minute workshop I’ll cover 6 simple tools that anyone can do! It will also be a great forum to ask questions and share experience. It will be on Zoom Saturday September 19th 2020 @ 10am to 11am EST (9am to 10am CST). I will email a PDF workbook of the tools prior to the event.

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