Electrical contractors association expands to become statewide

Cris Collingwood//August 31, 2022

Electrical contractors association expands to become statewide

Cris Collingwood//August 31, 2022

 The Central Pennsylvania Chapter of Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) has expanded its footprint to become a statewide chapter of the national IEC association under its new identity IEC Pennsylvania. 

 As IEC Pennsylvania, the chapter will represent merit-shop and independent electrical and systems contractors in all but three of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties.   

The chapter previously consisted of 20 counties in the South Central and Southwestern parts of the state, extending from the greater Pittsburgh region to the Susquehanna Valley region including the cities of Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lebanon and York, and Lehigh Valley.  

Marissa Bankert

“As our chapter’s coverage area has grown through the years, our name was no longer reflective of the larger area we served,” said Marissa Bankert, executive director of IEC Pennsylvania. “Additionally, our board and leadership were keenly aware that there were electricians in Pennsylvania who did not have access to the benefits, programs and resources of IEC chapter membership. With our transformation into IEC Pennsylvania, merit-shop electrical contractors now all have access to a chapter that serves their interests and offers continuing education and apprenticeships throughout the Commonwealth.” 

IEC Pennsylvania’s apprenticeship program covers residential, commercial and industrial construction and electrical wiring. The four-year, employer-paid program is registered with the U.S. Department of Labor and the Pennsylvania Apprenticeship and Training Council, Bankert said. 

 Apprentices work full-time and attend instructional classes in-person and online. The program boasts a 100% hiring rate after graduation. IEC Pennsylvania also offers a state registered pre-apprenticeship program for high school students and individuals seeking to learn additional skills. 

The chapter’s continuing education program for electricians and electrical contractor owners includes in-person and online classes in subjects such as business management, First Aid/CPR, ariel lift operation, variable frequency drive systems, arc flash analysis and code updates. 

 “Choosing to become an electrician is choosing a solid career path,” Bankert said. “Electricians earn a good income and have a high level of job security. The job outlook for electricians is also strong, with nine percent employment growth projected in the current decade.” 

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for electricians in Pennsylvania was $68,660 in May 2021, which is an hourly wage of $33 not including benefits. 

 The handbook also notes that growth in alternative power generation, such as solar and wind, is expected to require more electricians. Electricians will increasingly be needed to link alternative power sources to homes, commercial properties and power grids in the coming years. 

In conjunction with its expanded footprint and name change, the chapter has introduced a new logo identity. The graphic in the IEC Pennsylvania logo represents an electrical circuit diagram in the shape of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.