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Election hangover: Are we ready to talk business?

Campaign fatique is hitting hard, let's use our knowledge for goodness

My social media feeds are depressing. I blame this gazillion-month-long presidential election campaign.

Every day Facebook screams at me with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton obnoxiousness.

“She’s a crook.”

“He’s a misogynist.”

“Her emails!”

“His grabby hands.”

The photos, the headlines, the uninformed opinions. They all make my head hurt. And no matter who wins, the divisive gash left in the wake of this election will take years to heal.

But enough depressive talk. It’s time to move beyond Nov. 8 and think about the future. Because good, bad or ugly, the power that our newly elected officials wield will be extremely relevant to every business in the midstate.

Presidents set agendas. Party platforms guide economic realities. Federal decisions mold policy and affect international trade, taxes, family leave legislation and whether a small business is required to provide health insurance for its employees.

Federal, state and local regulations play a huge part in your day-to-day decisions. Finding the time to understand the “what’s next” after Election Day can be daunting.

We get that. Your day is consumed with running your own company, staying competitive.

Our job at CPBJ is to stay on top of the issues that businesses care about. We study and learn about certain political issues and regulations so you don’t have to.

We’ve decided to take that political knowledge and experience a step further by hosting a webinar Nov. 9, the day after Election Day, that will encompass a roundtable discussion on the election, moving it beyond the contentious presidential battle and into what you care about most: Working and thriving in the midstate.

Bring your ideas to the table

The webinar is aptly titled, “We have a winner … Now what does it mean?”

Our team will be sharing the insights of industry leaders regarding what’s next for the midstate’s business community. We’ll look at what the winning candidate’s platform and what the congressional makeup will mean for the business community.

Healthcare, trade, manufacturing, financial services and workforce issues will be on the agenda, as well as giving you a snapshot of what the world is saying.

Bring your ideas to the table, too.

Please take the time to join us. It should be a very lively, informative discussion.

Click here to sign up.

The webinar starts Nov 9 at 10 a.m. Click on the specific time and date. (Before joining, be sure to check system requirements to avoid any connection issues.)

Cathy Hirko
Cathy Hirko is Associate Publisher/Editorial Director for the Central Penn Business Journal and Lehigh Valley Business. Email her at [email protected].

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