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Deb Pierson

Deb Pierson

President  & CEO

Pierson Computing Connection

Pierson said as a small business owner, the job of president is varied.  She is primarily responsible for strategic direction, financial oversight and major customer relationships. She is also very focused on the company’s culture and ensuring that methods of hiring, rewarding, retaining and even removing folks from its team are done in a way that integrates with the culture.

Pierson founded the company in 1993 when she was 25-years old, so she could have a flexible work schedule to raise her 6-month-old daughter.

Winning the Pennsylvania state contract for servers and storage as the prime contractor in 2017 was a big effort.   “The ability of our small team to provide a comprehensive quality proposal and great pricing, as well as follow that up with amazing customer service is a key to our success,” she said.

The most important life lesson Pierson has learned is that balance is about core values. “I raised two daughters from infancy while juggling customer demands, family needs and employee issues.  Determining each and every day which need had priority depended on my personal core values.  This meant sometimes a customer took priority if my family was in a good place.  Other times a sick child or child’s activity became the focus.  For me it was all about overall balance, not some semblance of perfection on a daily basis,” she said.

Pierson and her husband like to fish together. “Getting away on the water, often without cell service together is a great time for conversation.   I especially find stress release in the repetitive action of casting and reeling in the line, whether or not we are actually successful with a catch,” she said.

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