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Dauphin County’s HydroWorx, sees Internet bump with viral underwater treadmill video

Anson Flake is CEO of Dauphin County-based HydroWorx International Inc. Recently a video of the company's new underwater treadmill went viral, resulting in more than 400 inquiries through the company's website about its product. - (Photo / Amy Spangler)

A 28-second video that highlights the training benefits of a new underwater treadmill has been paying dividends in recent weeks for the treadmill’s manufacturer, Dauphin County-based HydroWorx International Inc.

Athlete Devonte Wilson posted the video in mid-October. The video has been viewed 445,000 times on his Facebook page, and was then picked up by TheSPORTbible, a unit of online publisher TheLADbible Group, based in the United Kingdom.

The video, which shows Wilson undertaking speed training, now has 40 million views. 

Thanks to the social media bump, HydroWorx has received more than 400 inquiries through its website about the 300 series treadmill, said Nicole Biesecker, vice president of marketing for the Lower Swatara Township-based company. 

However, the company only considers about 25 percent of those inquiries serious sales prospects for the product, she said. “But the overall exposure has been great.”

HydroWorx rolled out the smaller 300 series treadmill last year as a way to appeal to a broader audience. The product, which sells for $89,900, is a self-contained unit.

Unlike many of the company’s larger underwater treadmills and therapy pools that require facility construction to house them, the 300 series fits into most existing spaces. The company recommends about a 12-by-12 foot space.

“Our marketing is usually targeted at athletic trainers or physical therapists,” Biesecker said. “This (video) has helped introduce the brand to a more mass market.”

In a normal week, HydroWorx might see about 7,000 visitors on its website. That number tripled recently. The inquiries are still mostly fitness and wellness professionals, as well as clinical physical therapists. But more consumers also are reaching out.

“Interest in speed training is definitely something we could look at,” Biesecker said of the company’s own marketing efforts.

The 300 series has been one of the company’s most successful first-year products, she added. But the company declined to share sales data.

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