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Zoetropolis Cinema Stillhouse

Local live music and independent films meant to inspire, intrigue get the gray matter going and are front and center at the Zoetropolis Cinema Stillhouse in Lancaster at 112 North Water Street.

Look for art house, experimental and independent films you’re unlikely to find anywhere else, on the cinema screen at Zoetropolis. In addition to coming attractions the cinema runs two series:  the Art Film Series and Great Composer Film Series.

Look for future special events like the 2019 Oscar Party held February 20, 2020  and the Best of 2019, held during January, 2020.

Local musical acts take the stage as well as comedy shows, authors and family focused performances. 

Be sure to check out “Friday Fright Night” featuring outrageously awful horror movies. 

The 60-seat restaurant offers selections from the Main and Side menus, and Brunch and Brunch Side menus, there’s plenty to choose from –small and large plates, and plenty to consider at the Zoetropolis Cinema Stillhouse. 

Take a Lancaster Distilleries tour – it’s the Stillhouse in the name, the resident micro distiller featuring Silver Rum, house made spirits and craft cocktails, and check out the stills behind glass framed with salvaged, reclaimed wood.


Property Details
Name of the Place
Zoetropolis Cinema Stillhouse
112 N Water Street, Lancaster, PA