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York Central Market

For over 125 years the York Central Market at North Beaver and Philadelphia streets offers community, comestibles and a convivial atmosphere for residents and visitors alike.

Find locally grown flowers and produce, freshly baked goods, fresh seafood, meats and deli offerings as well as specialty items.

Listen to market vendors call or “hawk” their wares and enjoy over 50 different vendors at the York Central Market.  A long list of dining stands means plenty to choose from for a snack or a meal, and the bright and open dining area brings patrons together in the center of the market place – and the thick of the action.

An historic market the York Central Market blends the appeal of traditional architecture with modern creative designs and flair. Artwork warms up the walls and supports the blending of old and new – yesterday and today with a promise of tomorrow. York Central Market is located at 34 West Philadelphia Street in York. For events, parking and information visit centralmarketyork.com

Property Details
Name of the Place
York Central Market
N. Beaver and Philadelphia Streets, York, PA